Multifunction Power Meter Smart Rail X835-MID

Multifunction Power Meter Smart Rail X835-MID
Specifications: SMARTRAIL X835-MID
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Multifunction Power Meter Smart Rail X835-MID

The SmartRail X835-MID is a modern designed MID Certified multifunction power meter that will measure and display all of the major and electrical power quality parameters. It is one of the first meters in the market to use touch screen buttons that are responsive and user friendly. With easy programming and user friendly navigation, The SmartRail X835 is the ideal choice for reliable energy management. This high end product caters for most requirements and future proofed by having multiple outputs in one model.

  • MID B+D Certified
  • Certified for Single & three phase networks
  • Certified for import & export Active energy (kWh)
  • DIN Rail Mounted 4 Module
  • High Definition backlit display
  • 5A or 1A input CT input
  • Single or three phase networks
  • Pulsed output and built in RS485 (Modbus)
  • Measured Parameters are: Current, Current (THD), Current Demand, Voltage, Voltage THD, Frequencey, Power, Maximun Power Demand, Power Factor, Active and Re-active Energy Imported and exported
  • Class B (Active energy)

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